Jerusalem College of Technology - Machon Lev
Department of Applied Mathematics
Fall 2003

Discrete Mathematics (Course number 1203024101 )
Fall 2003 - Academic Year 5264

Lectures: Brause 309 - Sun 18:30 - 20:10

Teacher: Dr Noach Dana-Picard
Teacher Assistent: Adi Yarden.




The grade will be determined by final exam (85%) and weekly home work assignements (15%).

Course Texts:

Recommended Texts:

Useful links:

Moreover, you can get from the lecturer a DOS executable program for building truth tables. Just ask him, and give him a new diskette for copying the program.


Every week, a homework sheet will be handed out, either at the end of the lecture, or in the evening after the lecture.
Please don't forget to write your name and identity number on your work.


Solution sheets:

Solutions for homework assignements will (hopefully) be available here, generally within one week. You're invited to use them. The files are either Postscript files or jpg files.

For Postscript files:
If you work with Unix/Linux and have Ghostview installed, the solution file will be opened automatically in a separate window;

If you need a previewer under Windows, you can download the executable file , run it and it will install GSview (think of it as Ghostview for Windows). If needed, you can get more information on GSview and more information on how to configure it as a viewer for Netscape Navigator.