Jerusalem College of Technology - Machon Lev
Department of Applied Mathematics
Spring 2009

Ordinary Differential Equations

Group 120501.01 - Prof. Dana-Picard

Lecture: Wyler 161 - Monday 16:15 - 18:45

Teacher: Prof. Noach Dana-Picard

Teacher Assistents: Mr Y.O. Koch and Mr A. Yarden

Course coordinator: Dr V. Lender.


Help material, handouts and presentations:

will be available soon here (at least I hope so...).

And here is a pdf file for the first lecture.

Homework assignement:

Registered students should download the sheets from the moodle website of the course.

Solutions of a few exercise from past years (it seems so long ago...):

Grading: The grade will be (primarily) determined by final exam, weekly home work assignements and two mid-term.

Former Exams:

Recommended Texts:

All these books are in the library. We recommend a visit to the library; there are many recent acquisitions.

In Calculus books, there is generally a chapter on Differential Equations, but this not enough for this course.

Useful links: