Jerusalem College of Technology
Department of Applied Mathematics

Spring 2009 - Academic year 5769

Linear Algebra 2

Room: Lau 460 - Monday 14:30-16:00

Teacher: Prof. Noach Dana-Picard ( .

Teacher Assistants: Dr B. Barsky - Mr N. Altschuler


Short syllabus:


The grade will be determined by final exam (85%) and 3 or 4 midterm exams (15%). Homework assignments can provide 5%.

Course Text:

Help Material for a Course in Linear Algebra, Version 1.2, by A. Naimark (Translated and edited by Th. Dana-Picard; exercises by TDP and E. Reisin).

Recommended Texts:

A tutorial for the course

is available.

Solution sheets:

List of exercises and solutions for homework assignements will be available through thew official course website. Permissions are granted to registered students.

Some files are PostScript files. If you work with Unix/Linux and have Ghostview installed, the solution file will be opened automatically in a separate window;

If you need a previewer under Windows, you can download the executable file , run it and it will install GSview (think of it as Ghostview for Windows). If needed, you can get more information on GSview and more information on how to configure it as a viewer for Netscape Navigator.

Useful links:

We hope that you will enjoy the course.

Mathematical gems:

If you are fond of mathematical gems, here is a note about very special balls. It needs only some linear algebra, with a little knowledge about distances.