Jerusalem College of Technology - Machon Lev
Department of Mathematics
Fall 2008 - Academic Year 5269

Functions of a Complex Variable

(Course number 120511).

Lecture hall: Lau 540 - Monday 17:00-17:45 and Thursday 14:30-16:00

Lecturer: Prof. Noach Dana-Picard.

Assistants: Mr Netanel Altschuler, Dr. Yaacov Itin



The grade will be determined by final exam (85%), one mid-term exam (10%) and homework assignments (5%).

The midterm exam took place on Monday, 15th of December. Here are the solutions.


Every week, a homework sheet should be posted on this site. All the students must have it printed before next exercise session. There will be no handout.

A couple of solutions:

Samples of past exams: