Jerusalem College of Technology - Machon Lev
Department of Mathematics

Infinitesimal Calculus 1 for Engineers

Course number 120131

Fall Semester 2008 - Academic year 5769

This course is taught in parallel to numerous classes, in all of JCT's campuses.
This page is not the official page of the course, but Prof. Dana-Picard's page for this course.
Students who registered to the course should have access to the official page on JCT's e-learn site.


Pace of the course:


Sample of exams:


The weekly homework assignments are posted on the e-learn site of the course. Please download the documents from there.

Solution sheets:

Solutions for homework assignements are posted on the elearn site. Registered students are invited to use them.

Here are short solutions of the first midterm. We apologize for the uncomfortable format.

And here are solutions of the second midterm.

Next partial exam (second midterm...) will be on Wednesday, January 28. Good luck.

Booklets and help material:

I wrote some booklets (in Hebrew) containing a lot of material.
Here are pdf files of the classroom presentations:
A few animated presentations (shows):