Welcome to the JCT Math Department's page


This site used to be the quasi-official website for the Mathematics Department, but it is not anymore. Sorry.
You can try this link (the site is in Hebrew).


The site that you discover now contains homepages for a couple courses in Mathematics at JCT, together with webbooks on the relevant material. I teach some of these courses; for other ones, I don't teach them anymore, but links are still active and homepages are still there. Maybe the links are useful for you. Please try.
But, please, note that the course webpages here are not the official ones for academic year 5766 (2005-06). Official webpages are
here .

Please keep in mind that this site is always under construction, so come back from time to time - there could be something new.

Look at photos, taken at conferences, etc.

The buttons at the top of the page connect you to various pages (courses, publications, etc.). Not all of them belong to me, and the information in some of them is not always accurate. But no information at all is still worse :-).

You can find here a couple of recreative math pages; we prepared them for your pleasure. So enjoy.

If necessary, you can contact me by e-mail.



last modified 25/08/2005.