GAP (Groups, Programming and Algorithms) is a computer package for Group Theory, initially developed at RWTH Aachen (Germany), now developed in St Andrews (Scotland). The package enables the teacher/researcher to work with finite groups (performing all needed calculations, as subgroup lattice, conjugacy classes, homomorphisms, character tables, modular character tables, ...), associative algebras, matrices, ... . We cannot mention all the possibilities offered by GAP. So, if you want to know more about it, have a look here.
DPGraph is a nice and non-expensive plotter (2D and 3D).
MuPad is an all-purpose computer algebra package, developed at the University of Padderborn (Germany). You can find information and get the package here.
  Macaulay is a computer package for commutative algebra and algebraic geometry. You can find it here or a README file here.




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